The warmth of wood and the pleasant essence of this natural material have been for 30 years Artess Mobili srl’s passion, as well as our job. Located next to Bassano del Grappa we realize unique, high quality and valued furniture. Every piece of wood is interpreted by our able craftsmen, the structure of wood is studied and worked by following its nature and stressing its quality and peculiarities. Thanks to a wise balance given by our many year-experience we produce furniture with high handmade character, helped also by high-tech machinery. In fact technology offers a great help also to the ablest craftsmen and if manual character is combined with high-tech equipment it comes an harmonious and attractive pleasure. The handmade production of each piece of furniture is carefully studied according to the customer’s needs, like tailor-made furniture. We understand all requirements and requests thanks also to the professionality, creativity and taste of our people that since years love and know wood. A passion and a dedication that has handed down from the father to the son, like know-how that can not be lost but must be kept like a priceless treasure. This is the secret of our production of furniture that are not only aesthetically beautiful and modern but are also and first of all produced with our greatest care and efforts. Our passion can be seen in every single detail, almost the smallest one, that tells the story of our great love, the love for wood.